Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Men of The Sea

Well I have just returned from a fantastic 2 weeks Deep Water Soloing and Surfing-ish down South. Myself, Al and Sam all headed down in the van to check out the DWS at Lulworth Cove. I can say now that this is one of the best crags in the Uk. The main wall is incredible, its 15m high at 45 degrees on perfect rock. We arrived in the evening and were both just to excited so had to go and have a climb. We ticked off a few of the easier classics such a 'Horny lil Devil' (7a) and 'Gates of Greyskull' (7b+) and finished the day with a jump off the top of Stair Hole.

 Day 1 - We had our sights set on 'Mark of the Beast' (7c), flipped a coin to see who had to go first and in this case it was Sam...Feeew!! Sam hiked up it with a flash under his belt so the pressure was on. It had been 2 years since first looking at the wall so it sure felt good to be pulling hard high up. I managed to send the route. Two flashes and a few easier link ups to end the day.

Day 2 - Conditions through out the day were pretty awful so we decided to chill and take the boards out for a few hours. The afternoon came around quickly and the tide was in. I managed to make an ascent of 'Pump up the Beast' (8a) and 'Adrenachrome' (8a), both route are BLOODY amazing!!. Sam and myself then when and ticked 'Animal Magnetism' (7a+) and 'CrAzY NoTiOn' (7a+). Al had a few good goes on Horny lil Devil but found it tricky to get the knee bar rest, but was keen to try again the next day.

Day 3 - Sam was raring to go and made an early morning ascent of 'Adrenachrome' (8a). Al stepped up and punched his way through Horny lil Devil (7a). Good times all round!!

 The week after consisted of sitting on the beach with a bit of surfing here and there and plenty of Fish&Chips. On the way home Sam had arranged to meet up with the beastly Andres at Berry Head. It was a rather shitty drive up but the psyche was high. The main objective was to climb 'Cutlass' (8a). After warming up a great juggy 6c and a sketchy 7a, we all felt ready. It was my turn to MAN up and go first, I went for it and came pretty close to flashing the route but was spat off of the drive by. Sam and Andre put in great efforts but also both end up in the drink. Rest, Rest, Rest.....I had another go and stuck the move which felt awesome and climbed to the top. There is a rather nasty move off a small pocket which had pulled some muscle in Sam's left arm so he decided to leave it for the day. Andre then had some brilliant goes almost gaining the top....Next time bro! A hour later Al and Sam were in the water again but this time spear fishing, nothing was caught but after just 30mins the 3 of us all wanted a Spear gun. The day ended just outside of Brixham in a sweet little pub where the food was perfect. The next day was a complete write off for climbing but was not completely wasted, we had a fishing rod and some mackerel as bate. The 3 of us reeled in decent sized Cod.
Dinner sorted!!! Great trip....Bugga the North ;-)

Sam looking like a royal Spear Fisherman.
Technical beasting 'Horny lil Devil (7a)

 'Gates of Greyskull' (7b+) crux...
 Luxury at Berry Head
 Backflip psyched after success.....
 The dark horse  
 Topping out on Gates.....
 'Animal Magnetism' (7a+) 
 Successful trippin at Lulworth
 Knee bar resting Heros
 Mark of the Beast (7c Flash)
 Uncontrollable psyche after Adrenachrome.. 

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