Monday, 15 July 2013

Glastonbury, Work, Training and Perfect Rest Day!!

Well unfortunately this may be a rather dull post but I haven't been able to get out that much over the last 3 weeks so dont have all that much to write about (The weather has been amazing too). Sorry! The BBC's happened last weekend which was a load of greasy warm fun! I JUST made it to the semis and finished in least it wasn't 10th!! 

News from Sam in Canada - They had there first go on the Lotus Flower and made it to pitch 11 but weather turned bad (Snow!) so had to retreat and are now taking some days off to let the shit weather pass before having another go ;) Hope they get some great weather!!

That's about it from me but hopefully a few of these pictures if you haven't seen them already may be slightly interesting or not haha ;)

Al and myself enjoying the sun at Glastonbury! (Amazing few days)

Yesterdays perfect rest day...10m jump!!
 (this was 30mins before we were then told that the police had been called out!!) 

Training two fingers...bloody grim!!


10 second hang.......ooooffftttt (heavy)

10 second hang.....death on a stick!!!!

8 second hang......

Fingers feeling the burn after 2 weeks work!!

Found this picture the other day! (What on earth am I wearing?)

Smile till the end ;)

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